Four Conservation Successes to be Thankful for This Year

With the holiday season just around the corner, a lot of us are thinking about what we’re grateful for. For some of us, this year seems a bit harder to find things to be thankful for than in the past. After all, 2014 has been littered with some pretty negative headlines – outbreaks, terrorism, global warming, economic uncertainty – and it can be hard to find the good news hidden among all the bad headlines. Well we’ve done the legwork to find a few things for the conservation-minded among us to give thanks for, and as it turns out, it’s been a pretty good year for nature, you may just not have realized it yet. Read more

Four Things We Just Learned About Your Seafood

We’ve been filming on location in South East Asia for a while, and if there’s one thing you can’t escape here (besides the karaoke) it’s the seafood. We’ve seen fresh fish markets selling everything from tuna and puffer fish to Krakens and Mer-people. Being the inquisitive folks we are, we started asking the locals some questions about the fishing around here, and after doing some research, we stumbled across some pretty eye-opening things. Take a look for yourselves and don’t worry, we’re not going try and ruin your favorite food by telling you Read more

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