December 25, 2014 Nick Rogacki

On The Twelfth Day of Christmas…

Merry Christmas everyone, and welcome to our last 12 Days of Christmas post of the year! We’ve been giving you digital gifts all month, and now we think it’s about time to give you all a more tangible gift. So, for the final day of our Christmas giveaway, we’re giving you all one of our favorite photographs along with a discount code to print this (or any other image) at Woodsnap.

Costa Rica Frog_Coral&Oak

This is a Panamanian Poison Dart Frog – one of thousands of color variations that we saw while we were shooting for a client in the northern islands in Panama.  We were on a hike with a rather questionable guide  when we spotted this frog inside of a palm leaf.  While poison dart frogs can be notoriously difficult to find in the wild, once spotted, they have a wonderful habit of staying very still (Which is great for wildlife photographers like ourselves).  Of course, if you spook them, they’ll burrow very quickly, and you’ll have almost no chance of finding them again.

If you like the picture, download the file below and take it on over to Woodsnap, a very cool company that prints pictures directly onto wooden panels to beautiful effect. Just go ahead and enter Joy30 for 30% off printing and free shipping throughout the United States.

We hope you all enjoy our modest gift, and that this post finds you all surrounded by your loved ones as you exchange gifts, stories and memories. We’ll keep on posting through the New Year, and we can’t wait to see what you all did with this year’s digital gifts. Merry Christmas.

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