Building an MPA with iSeahorse

A staple of ocean conservation is the Marine Protected Area, or “MPA”.  We joined our friends from iSeahorse to help identify a marine life hot spot, and coordinate with local fisher folk to establish a brand-new MPA.  Take a look at our latest photo-blog as we walk you from the sea floor to the village square in the process to preserve our oceans.

Spider Fighting – Cockfights for Kids

While traveling through the more rural parts of the Philippines, you might happen upon children along the roadside “spider fighting”.  Spider fighting, is the low-income alternative to cock-fighting in the Philippines, and involves people betting while two spiders duel on the edge of stick.  Along our way through Twin Lakes National Park, we came across a pair of spider-fighters, and asked if we could document one of their fights.

Sinulog – The Mardi Gras of the Philippines

While filming in the Philippines, we had a chance to drop into Cebu to join in the celebration of Sinulog.  Widely cited as the Philippines largest festival, Sinulog attracts millions from across Asia to sing, dance and worship alongside Catholics across the country (Over 85 percent of the Philippines identifies as Catholic) celebrating the arrival of Christianity to the island nation.  Check out the a few of our favorite photographs from the hugely colorful (and incredibly crowded) Philippine festival.

Six Endangered Animals You’ve Probably Never Met

I had the chance to spend some time at an animal rescue on the island of Palawan this week, and wanted to pass along some pictures. Most of the animals here have been rescued from poachers and smugglers who are trying to illegally sell them or their parts to black markets in China, Hong Kong and elsewhere. Check out the slideshow to see some candid shots of these endangered animals and learn a bit more about these fascinating creatures.


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