Natural Leaders: Eric Weather. An educational adventure for adults and children alike.

In our travels, we’ve met some amazing people doing groundbreaking conservation work. We’ve decided to honor these people through our Natural Leaders series. Follow our series to find out how these leaders got started and what strategies they use to encourage environmental stewardship.

Our next spotlight is on Eric Weather, an inspiring marine biologist, environmental educator and the mastermind behind WeatherEco Tours. Last summer, Eric took our friends, the Myers and their curious daughter Kaya, out on Miss Batavia, a 30-foot Mako vessel, and spent the day exploring the coastal environment in the Gulf of Mexico. I grew up on these waters, so I didn’t expect to experience anything new, but I was wrong. Read more

Building an MPA with iSeahorse

A staple of ocean conservation is the Marine Protected Area, or “MPA”.  We joined our friends from iSeahorse to help identify a marine life hot spot, and coordinate with local fisher folk to establish a brand-new MPA.  Take a look at our latest photo-blog as we walk you from the sea floor to the village square in the process to preserve our oceans.

Danjugan Island: Mother Nature’s Best Classroom

With fins on her feet and a child-size life jacket snug around her chest, Alexis Diose, age 12, cautiously joins 29 other campers on Danjugan island’s beach. Putting on her snorkel mask, Alex easily blends into the crowd of eager campers, but Alex has a secret: This is her first time snorkeling and she doesn’t know how to swim. She’s not alone. Despite living in one of the world’s largest island nations, most Filipino’s don’t know how to swim. But with the support of the rest of the campers, and her team leader by her side, she dips her wide-eyed face below the surface and takes her first breath… Read more

On The Twelfth Day of Christmas…

Merry Christmas everyone, and welcome to our last 12 Days of Christmas post of the year! We’ve been giving you digital gifts all month, and now we think it’s about time to give you all a more tangible gift. So, for the final day of our Christmas giveaway, we’re giving you all one of our favorite photographs along with a discount code to print this (or any other image) at Woodsnap. Read more

On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

For our 9th Day of Christmas, we’ve collaborated with the very talented Dr. Carlos Martinez Rivera, an Amphibian Conservation Specialist over at the Philadelphia Zoological Gardens, to bring you a new text-alert for your phone. Why does it take a production company and a amphibian specialist to make a text sound? Well it’s actually a pretty cool story.
Read more

On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

Our Fourth Day of Christmas gift might be our favorite so far.  We’re big fans of Christmas lights and even bigger fans of Bioluminescence, a phenomena where creatures or bacteria create their own light.  It’s hard to find and even harder to photograph, which might be why it’s so rewarding to see in person.  And even though we can’t bring bioluminescence to you, we thought that this handy infographic might be a useful guide to show you where and when you can find some amazing glowing creatures on your own. Read more

Four Conservation Successes to be Thankful for This Year

With the holiday season just around the corner, a lot of us are thinking about what we’re grateful for. For some of us, this year seems a bit harder to find things to be thankful for than in the past. After all, 2014 has been littered with some pretty negative headlines – outbreaks, terrorism, global warming, economic uncertainty – and it can be hard to find the good news hidden among all the bad headlines. Well we’ve done the legwork to find a few things for the conservation-minded among us to give thanks for, and as it turns out, it’s been a pretty good year for nature, you may just not have realized it yet. Read more

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