Five Secrets to Shooting Like A Pro: Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Camera

Photography has changed a lot over the years, from black and white darkroom photography to semi-pro digital cameras, to today’s high end DSLR workflow. I’ve loved working with every one of them, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t necessarily need a ton of cash or super expensive lenses to shoot like a pro.  And while I can’t promise that my pointers will turn you from casual photographer to paid profession, these 5 tips are sure to help you maximize your camera and your subjects for better pictures. Read more

Six Endangered Animals You’ve Probably Never Met

I had the chance to spend some time at an animal rescue on the island of Palawan this week, and wanted to pass along some pictures. Most of the animals here have been rescued from poachers and smugglers who are trying to illegally sell them or their parts to black markets in China, Hong Kong and elsewhere. Check out the slideshow to see some candid shots of these endangered animals and learn a bit more about these fascinating creatures.


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